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Q:  Why should I choose Dynamic Performance Physical Therapy?

A: At our facility, patients receive personal one-on-one professional care from a licensed  physical therapist.  Our friendly staff take pride in our work and strive to achieve all goals set for the patients to return to their everyday activities pain-free.  


Q: What is a physical therapist?

A: A physical therapist is a state licensed health-care provider who specializes in the care of patients with various musculoskeletal/neurological disorders. Physical therapists provide services that help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of patients suffering from injuries or disease.  Physical therapist education programs start with basic science courses such as biology, chemistry, and physics and then introduce specialized courses, including biomechanics, neuroanatomy, human growth and development, manifestations of disease, examination techniques, and therapeutic procedures. Besides getting classroom and laboratory instruction, students receive supervised clinical experience.


Q:  Do I need a prescription from a doctor to attend physical therapy?

A:  No.  Recently the laws were changed to allow patients to seek treatment from a licensed physical therapist without a prescription for a period of 30 days or 10 treatments (whichever comes first).  If care is needed beyond this time, the patient would need to obtain a prescription from a medical doctor to continue with physical therapy.  In some cases, ones health insurance may require that a prescription for physical therapy be obtained from the start of treatment in order for them to cover the charges.  We will contact your insurance company prior to your first visit to determine if a prescription is required.


Q:  What insurances do you take?

A:  A list of insurances that we participate with is located on the Insurance tab on our home page.  We will verify all insurance prior to the initial visit. 


Q:  What do I wear?

A:  Patients should dress comfortably with loose fitting clothing that will allow the therapist to properly exam the injured body part. 


Q:  Will I see the same physical therapist each time I come in?

A:  We try to schedule all appointments with the physical therapist that did the initial evaluations.  At times, it may be necessary that a patient follow-up with a different therapist due to a schedule conflict.  Communication between therapists is a constant so that a patient feels comfortable with any of our staff. 


Q:  What do I need to do to get started?

A:  Just give us a call!!  Once you have contacted us, we can contact your insurance company to verify benefits and schedule your first visit.  You can contact us by either email or calling the office and speaking with one of friendly staff members who will be more that happy to get you started on your road to recovery.


Q:  Is my physical therapist licensed?

A:  Yes.  All of our skilled physical therapists are licensed to practice physical therapy in the state of New York.


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